How Easy is Changing One’s Career?

Selvan Puvaneswaranathan is a Real Estate Agent currently working in the Toronto area. His main goals are to help those who may be wanting to get into real estate to make that transition. It is rare for people to get into one career and stay their whole life. Selvan is a true example of changing careers in the middle of your life and being able to excel. He entered the world of real estate in 2013 and only fully began his career in 2016.  Previous to his job, Selvan Puvaneswaranathan worked at the local factory as a micro technician but soon realized, he would miss time with his family. A close friend led him to a career in real estate and the rest was history!

He has always been a family man and this job gave him the opportunities to watch his kids grow. Selvan Puvaneswaranathan is married, with two great kids! He wants to focus on healthy living and doing activities to create long-lasting memories. He enjoys playing basketball, as well as various other sports. The best ways of spending quality time with the family, are on their annual vacations. Anytime they are able to spend quality time together, Selvan considers that a successful day!

Selvan Puvaneswaranathan Provides Several Tips For Those Entering Real Estate:

One thing Selvan will say is that having real estate as a career, lets you be flexible but does not mean the hard work goes away. You constantly have to give your best efforts, in order to achieve success. Without hard work, it would be difficult to make a career out of these types of jobs. Self-advertising works really well through word of mouth, local flyers and online advertising. It is important to maintain trust and reliability in this business. Once people lose that, it is difficult to establish yourself fully in this industry. Selvan Puvaneswaranathan works to consistently keep the best interests of the client. Therefore, he wants to make sure he is giving them the best advice; for their home, their finances or how to manage their property. There is plenty of opportunities to keep that open communication between yourself and the client.

Confidence in what you are selling is really important as well.