Who is Selvan Puvaneswaranathan?

Selvan Puvaneswaranathan is a Real Estate Agent for Century 21, which is the leading brokerage in the Toronto/GTA area. His main goal is to help find his clients the best the market can offer them! He understands that people are in different situations and have different needs, Selvan Puvaneswaranathan wants their needs to be met. Therefore, through his many years in the industry, he has been able to do exactly that. Many professionals come to him for advice and clients looking for their dream place. Selvan believes it is important to share his expertise wherever he can. The real estate market is constantly evolving, so it is crucial to always stay informed with the market. Toronto itself is an area where some parts of the city continue to rise in real estate price, Selvan helps his clients to create realistic goals based on their situations.


Helping clients find the perfect place for them is where Selvan finds the most satisfaction. In his short time in the industry, he has utilized every tool possible to ensure success. Furthermore, success is achieved by putting in the hard work. Without that, results will have difficulty showing. Those who take the time and want to excel, have the possibility to do so, especially in Real Estate. Even though the business of real estate has its perks, Selvan Puvaneswaranathan wants people to know the work that goes on behind the scenes to allow success to grow. Many people enter Real Estate at different points in their life. Sometimes they realize very early into their career that this is something for them or many like myself, find themselves entering the field as a career change. Either way, regardless of timing, most people can find success. There will be people looking for real estate.